May Rally Recap

60’s Throwback Fun

We had a really great time at the May TFC rally. We started the night off by having an ultimate hula hoop challenge. It’s amazing how easy teens make that look! We loved celebrating May Birthdays. Amber had a great time celebrating with her birthday month buddies! We then welcomed our 60’s experts to the stage to judge our dress up contest! It was a close contest! We were so happy to award our winner with their very own 60’s lava lamp! Thanks for participating with us. Our 60’s experts Tom Erickson and Doug Rogers then entertained us with some 60’s classic music! We all had a ball! All of that led up to the main feature of the evening which was the film “the Restless Ones” A film produced by Billy Graham. It talked a lot about what teens were struggling with in the 60’s and surprisingly enoughTeens today are going through MANY of the same struggles. And the answer remains the same, without Faith, what’s the point of life? It’s not until we give our lives back over to the creater of the universe, do we understand that our lives have purpose. 

Tom Erickson closed the evening by sharing his story of how his life and especially his brothers life was greatly impacted by the film we watched, only he and his brother had watched it a the SAME theatre, YEARS earlier when the ministry was called Youth for Christ. That night years ago, Tom’s brother gave his life to Christ. I’m so thankful that this ministry has been alive and well in this area for so long! I can’t even imagine how many youth have been impacted by the message of Jesus Christ through all of these years! 

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