July Rally Recap

We had a really great time at the July TFC rally. Our game was one of chaos. Those kids can really catch some marshmallows! What a fun way to kick off the night! Birthdays were special this month since July is Shad’s birthday month!  We had 210 friends in attendance and boy howdee did we have a great time. Our guest, Ryan and Friends, had us all laughing until our sides and cheeks hurt! What a blessing! He also presented the gospel in an amazing way that we could all understand. You see, his puppets can’t do anything witout Ryan’s hand moving their mouths. Just like us, if God doesn’t have a hand in our life, we are useless. When God directs our every step and every word, we can really become a blessing to others. We had some amazing volunteers who helped make the night really fun! Especially pastor Mike. Thanks for being awesome! We had a lot of first time TFC guests. We loved having you and we hope that you will come back to a rally really soon! 

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